79th Fighter Group

86th Fighter Squadron Pilot Roster

Anderson, James 2nd LtHouston, TXAir MedalKIA
Allard, Robert H.CaptMelrose, MADFC, Air Medal & 7 OLCs
Allphin, Guy M.2nd LtArlington, KSAir Medal
Angyal, Zolton J. 1st LtMIA
Arnold, Calvin J. 2nd LtSouthwick, MAAir MedalMIA
Ascenzi, Richard 1st LtDFCMIA
Austin, Allan Y.CaptSpencerport, NYSilver Star, Purple Heart, DFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Bailey, Perry E. 1st LtMIA
Bair, Merle W.2nd LtAltoona, PADied in vehicle accident
Barnett, Louis G.1st LtOklahoma City, OKAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Bartlett, Stuart L. 2nd LtLapeer, MIAir MedalKIA
Bedford, John P.CaptNyack, NYDFC, Air Medal & 7 OLCs
Bishop, William E.1st LtBoonton, NJAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Black, Harold F.1st LtBayard, NEAir Medal & 1 OLC
Blair, Basil H.2nd LtAir Medal, Purple Heart
Boorman, Robert H.1st Lt
Borsodi, Fredric A.MajWest Hartford, CTDFC & 3 OLCs, British DFC, Air Medal & 14 OLCs
Bothe, John H. 2nd LtKIA
Boucher, Arthur P.1st LtSpringfield, MAAir Medal & 3 OLCs
Bowlin, Sidney J.1st LtAir Medal & 4 OLCs
Boyd, Jack G.CaptPortsmouth, VADFC & OLC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Brooks, Edward T.CaptMuncie, INDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Brown, David H.CaptMIA
Brown, Percy E. 2nd LtHanson, MASilver Star, DFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCsReturned to ZI after MIA
Burch, Frank B. 2nd LtMooseheart, ILAir Medal
Burnap, Arthur E. 2nd LtKIA
Byron, EdwardMajNew York, NYDFC, British DFC, Air Medal & 7 OLCs
Challet, Louis E.1st LtElkville, ILAir Medal & 3 OLCs
Chamberlain, Everett B.1st LtDFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Charpentier, Leonard1st LtCaldwell, NJRTD to ZI After MIA
Church, Paul B.1st LtCrown Point, INAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Claycomb, Donald E.1st LtDenver, COAir MedalPOW
Clisham, Stephen A.2nd Lt
Colby, Denver A.1st LtFresno, CAAir Medal
Colgan, William B.CaptWaycross, GASilver Star, DFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Cook, William C.2nd LtTucson, AZAir Medal
Crawford, Robert L.CaptDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Cumberland, Horace W.1st LtDFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Dys, MartinusCaptRochester, NYDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Ely, George E.2nd LtFremont, NEAir Medal
Evans, Richard D.1st LtLong Beach, CAAir Medal & 2 OLCs, Purple Heart
Ewing, George W.MajSan Antonio, TXDFC, Air Medal & 9 OLCs, British DFC, Croix de Guerre
Fairchild, JohnCaptRochester, MNDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Fetters, Alfred L.MajLancaster, OHSilver Star, DFC & OLC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs, British DFC
Fortune, Jack C. CaptKIFA
Franco, Eugene A.1st LtSalinas, CAAir Medal & 1 OLC
Fuller, Robert J.CaptBuffalo, NYDFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Gallup, Leroy F.1st LtMissouri Valley, IADFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Gartzke, Victor F.1st LtMilwaukee, WIAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Gibson, Charles G.1st LtDetroit, MIDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Gilbert, AllenCaptOakland, CADFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Gilmore, Eugene O.1st LtHalethorpe, MDDFC, Air Medal
Giniewicz, Stanley J.1st LtLowell, MADFC, Air Medal & 1 OLC
Grandjean, Irvin L.1st LtDallas, TXAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Graul, Russell E.1st LtQuebec, CanadaAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Green, Sidney1st LtNew York City, NYDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Greer, George R.2nd LtBonner's Ferry, IDDFC, Air Medal & OLC, Purple HeartPOW
Grier, Robert K.1st LtDallas, TXAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Guilfoyle, Donald W.1st LtProvidence, RIDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Guillebeau, Bob 2nd LtKIA
Gumbleton, John J.1st LtFitchburg, MADFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Hagler, Ray1st LtTaylorville, ILAir Medal & 1 OLC
Hall, HaroldCaptGarfield, KSDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs, Purple Heart
Hancock, Charles T.1st LtDouglas, GADFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Hannon, James F. 1st LtDFCKIA
Hanson, William D. 1st LtKIA
Harris, George I. 1st LtMIA
Hayles, Malcolm F.1st LtMonroeville, ALDFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Head, Billy M.CaptDouglas, GADFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Hearne, AlfredCaptHooker, OKDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs, British DFC
Hewitt, Robert F. 2nd LtMIA
Hilgard, Richard W.CaptBellville, ILDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Hill, Arthur W.CaptLa Salle, ILAir Medal
Hill, Robert2nd Lt
Hintz, Loren E.1st LtGlendale, CAAir Medal & 2 OLCsKIA
Hoerr, Irvin C. 2nd LtMIA
Horn, Bill F.FOBerger, TXAir Medal
Hughes, Charles H.1st LtEl Paso, TXAir Medal & 1 OLC
Huntsberger, George E.1st LtLos Angeles, CADFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Hutt, John C.1st LtNeenah, VADFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Iovanella, Mike J.2nd Lt
Johnson, Edward C.1st LtWichita, KSAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Johnston, Robert C.1st LtEvanston, ILAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Jones, Reidy E.1st LtGreen Bay, WIDFC, Air Medal
Jordan, Hugh F.CaptDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Kauffman, John H.1st LtWappingers Falls, NYDFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Kehr, Charles H.2nd LtWestville, NJAir MedalKIA
Kelly, John C.CaptNewark, NJDFC, Air Medal & 7 OLCs
Kennedy, Michael1st Lt
Kent, Henry W.1st LtJacksonville, ILDFC, Air Medal
Koons, Ernest E.1st LtBowie, TXAir Medal & 1 OLC
Larson, Roy A.CaptKansas City, KSDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Leatherman, Ober N.1st LtKIA
Leibin, John P.1st LtCleveland Heights, OHTRFD
Lemmon, Edmund T.1st LtDSC, DFC, Air Medal & 1 OLC
Letzkus, Edward2nd LtAir MedalPOW
Leuther, Herman C.CaptOzone Park, NYDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Lowndes, Charles W. 2nd LtKIFA
Lyans, Glenn M.2nd LtMadison, WIAir Medal
Mace, Albert R.2nd LtKIA
Manning, Walter L.1st LtBooneville, IADFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Martin, John W.CaptMinerva, OHDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Martino, Saverio P.CaptFramingham, MADFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Mauritz, Michael2nd LtTurtle Creek, PAPOW
Maxwell, George St.CaptWashington, DCDFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Mayer, Daniel H.1st LtKIA
McCarty, ThomasLtPOW
McCoy, Frazier A.1st LtJasper, TNDFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
McGarr, Royce C.1st LtSan Angelo, TXDFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
McKay, Donald W. 2nd LtMIA
McLaughlin, Edward M.1st LtArlington, VADFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
McLean, Charles B.2nd LtDied in accident
McNeal, John R.CaptHarrisburg, VADFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Menger, Richard W.CaptSan Antonio, TXDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Menifee, James E. 2nd LtKIA
Messenger, Robert D.1st LtMedford, MAAir Medal & 4 OLCs
Meyer, Otto W.1st LtHoward Beach, NYAir Medal
Minett, Robert T.1st LtBloomington, INDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Moody, Robert P.1st LtStoneham, MAAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Moore, Raymond W.1st LtHouston, TXAir Medal & 1 OLC
Morrissey, Richard P.CaptDFC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Mueller, Donald W.2nd LtTRFD
Mulkey, Don N. 2nd LtSt. Louis, MOKIA
Nevin, Jerald R.1st LtChicago, ILAir Medal
Newton, Frank 2nd LtPOW
Newton, John C.CaptShelby, NCDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Nicholas, William E.1st LtMemphis, TNAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Nielsen, Melvin J.Lt ColDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs, Purple Heart, British DFC, Croix de Guerre
Norris, Robert M.FOWichita, KSAir Medal
Norton, Wilbert E.FOOlder, TXAir Medal
O'Brien, Thomas P.1st LtDFCKIA
Ower, Calvin A.FO
Parsons, Edward E.2nd LtJacksonville, FLDFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Patin, Robert L. 2nd LtMilwaukee, WIAir MedalKIFA
Peek, James C.CaptMontgomery, ALDFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Penar, Leonard J.CaptChicago, ILDFC & 2 OLCs, Air Medal
Perko, Richard1st LtMilwaukee, WISoldiers Medal, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Peters, Robert M.1st LtMariemont, OHAir Medal & 4 OLCs
Peters, William E. 2nd LtMarion, WIAir MedalKIFA
Petrone, Frank B.1st LtCranston, RIAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Petsinger, Harry M.1st LtButler, PAAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Porter, Melvin F.1st LtSpokane, WADFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Powell, Richard G.1st LtMishawaka, INDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Propst, William J.1st LtColumbus, MS
Reutershan, James H.CaptLong Island, NYDFC, Air Medal & 7 OLCs
Rhynard, Wayne E.Lt ColNeubiberg, Bavaria
Richer, Donald A. 2nd LtManchester, NHAir MedalKIA
Richmond, Robert L.1st LtOwosso, MIDFC, Air Medal & 2 OLCs
Riley, Thomas E.1st LtBaltimore, MDAir Medal & 1 OLC
Roehrdanz, Elroy C.2nd LtMinneapolis, MNAir Medal, Purple Heart
Rogers, James W.FOBeaumont, TXTRFD
Rospo, Sam 2nd LtAkron, OHAir MedalKIFA
Rouleau, Louis T.2nd LtBrooklyn, NYAir MedalKIFA
Royse, Romie R.1st LtKlamath Falls, ORAir Medal & OLC
Ryan, Robert M.2nd LtGallup, NMDFC, Air Medal
Sachleben, Clifford E.2nd LtMilton, KY
Seres, Frank I. 2nd LtAir MedalKIA
Shangraw, Richard1st LtEast Orange, NJAir Medal
Sherer, Wayne E.1st LtBuffalo, NYDFC, Air Medal & OLC
Sigler, James C.CaptDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Silsbee, Erwin R.2nd LtAir Medal
Skotnicky, Robert J.CaptAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Slater, Michael J. 2nd LtCohoes, NYKIA
Smith, Whitman R.2nd LtMIA
Spurgin, Robert2nd LtPOW
Stafford, MerleLtPOW
Stahl, Robert S. 2nd LtKIA
Steele, Henry P. 1st LtDSCKIA
Steiner, Robert B.1st LtAir Medal & 3 OLCs
Sutton, Ramon A.1st LtEbenezer, NYDFC, Air Medal & OLC
Tallent, Warren H.1st LtChicago, ILDFC, Air Medal & 3 OLCs
Taylor, William R.1st LtDFC & OLC, Air Medal & 5 OLCs
Tessier, Jack S.1st LtFranklin, NCAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Wall, Risden B.CaptRidgeland, SCDFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Wall, Vincent FOWest Haven, CTAir MedalKIFA
Walsh, Edwin M.1st LtNashville, TNSilver Star, Purple Heart, DFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Watkins, Tarleton H.Lt ColDFC, Air Medal
Weldon, Arthur J. 2nd LtPOW
West, William H.1st LtNew Orleans, LAAir Medal & OLC
White, Robert C.1st LtAir Medal & 2 OLCs
Wilson, Maurice W. 2nd LtAtlanta, KSAir MedalKIA
Winkler, Clarence1st LtHollywood, CADFC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs
Winschell, John E.2nd LtKIFA
Zilly, Frederick J. MajNew York City, NYDFC & OLC, Air Medal & 4 OLCs, Soldiers Medal, British DFC
Zipperer, Marion M. 2nd LtSavannah, GAAir MedalKIA



Pvt Private

Pfc Private First Class

Cpl Corporal

Sgt Sergeant

S/Sgt Staff Sergeant

T/Sgt Technical Sergeant

1st Sgt First Sergeant

M/Sgt Master Sergeant

FO Flying Officer

2nd Lt Second Lieutenant

1st Lt First Lieutenant

Capt Captain

Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel

Col Colonel



DFC Distinguished Flying Cross

OLC Oak Leaf Cluster

DSC Distinguished Service Cross


KIA Killed in Action

MIA Missing in Action

POW Prisoner of War

KIFA Killed in Flying Accident

TRFD Transferred

(1)Residence likely refers to information obtained from an individual’s Registration Card D.S.S. Form 1, and does not necessarily reflect his hometown.

Roster obtained from The Falcon. Some spelling corrections have been made.