79th Group Acknowledgements

Special thanks to relatives of the following members of the 79th FG, as well as other individuals, who contributed photographs and information for use on this website:

79th Headquarters

William D. Craine (William Craine)

Charles E. Grogan (Steve Grogan)

William R. Newlon (Jarold Newlon)

85th Fighter Squadron

John R. Anderson (Molly Anderson and Jane Anderson Jones)

Edgar G. Babineau (Diane Dell’omo)

James Bevilacqua (Ron Bevilacqua)

Frederick T. Brox (Fred Brox)

Harold R. Burns family

Michael A. Calomino (Michael Calomino)

James W. Connors (John Connors)

Ralph C. Cox (Ralph Cox Jr.)

Melvin K. Davis family (Evelyn Davis)

James Dennis (Harry Dennis)

Harold F. Fogg (Gordon Fogg)

William C. Glasgow (Andrew Glasgow)

Robert P. Kelley (Peter and Patricia Kelley)

Aubert R. Kettenbrink family

Milo R. Klear (Susan Klear)

Donald I. Lawless (Mark Lawless)

William B. Marshall family

Lyle E. Mason (Gordon Mason)

Malcolm A. McNall (Mike McNall)

Edwin P. Newbould (Susan Andrews)

Conrad H. Odle (Tom Odle)

William L. Ryburn (Corey Spann)

Samuel L. Say family

Powell A. Scheumack (personally)

Charles W. Sinclair (Adrienne Flagg)

Arthur H. Staton (David Staton)

Harold E. Stevens (Carol McCullough)

Stanley J. Sum (Mariann LoSasso)

Henry O. Tomlin (Jeanette Tomlin)

Truman O. Wallace (Dawna Stone)

Montie L. Whittenberg (Ron Whittenberg)



86th Fighter Squadron

Robert H. Allard (Forest Allard)

Horace W. Cumberland family

Robert J. Fuller family

Charles G. Gibson (Brian Gibson)

Henry W. Kent family

Matthew J. Killewald (Brian Killewald)

Raymond L. Libbert (Anonymous)

Sidney Loadenthal (Barry Loadenthal)

Saverio P. Martino family

Albert R. Maschewski family

George St. Maur Maxwell (Soninlaw71/usmilitaryform)

Reid P. Nelson (Maureene Nelson Plotner)

John R. McNeal family

Donald V. Negethon family

Henry Nivins (Julie Kelly and Janice Large)

Erwin R. Silsbee (Tom Silsbee)


87th Fighter Squadron

John L. Balega family

Philip Caverly (Tim Caverly)

Emery A. Dietrick (Michael Dietrick)

Edward P. Fitzgerald (Bruce Lowell)

Charles Jaslow (Sarah Jaslow)

Gerald P. Kelton (Sherry L. (Kelton) Landow)

Lawrence J. Damato family

Albert E. Lincicome (Anne Lincicome)

Rocco A. Loscalzo (Frank Loscalzo)

James E. McGovern (Jim McGovern)

Charles L. Rolph (Chuck Rolph)

William Rueschhoff (Victor Rueschhoff)

Wendell M. Simmons (Walter Simmons)

Wilburn “Jack” Thompson, (Shelly Hern)



Other individuals who contributed

Jean Barbaud

Craig “Buz” Busby

Jack Cook

Steve Donacik

Joe Fields

Eva Hopkins

Ian Lyn

Carl Molesworth

Mark Stevens